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Benefits of Forest Safety Product’s Solo Chainsaw Trauma Kit

  There are tons of first aid, trauma and medical kits on the market today, each with their own intended purpose and audience. Forest Safety Product’s Chainsaw Trauma kit is the only kit on the market that is purpose built to not only address the serious injuries that can be associated with chainsaw use but also designed with the chainsaw user in mind. The Chainsaw Trauma Kit addresses access, functionality and wearability all in one.

  Too many first aid kits targeted toward woodsmen and women lack elements that truly address the dangers they regularly face. Can you finish out the day without a band aid? Go home early because of a splinter? While band aids and tweezers are nice to have, the true risks of working in the woods are more significant. Where else to look for the latest technology and innovations in casualty care than the US Military? After 15 years of war the advancements in treating traumatic bleeding have been significant. What the Military has innovated, the logging industry can take advantage of that progress and apply it in individual trauma care. 

Forest Safety Products Chainsaw Trauma Kit

    Forest Safety Product's Kits are assembled in the USA using 1000D Cordura, commonly used for the outer material of Chainsaw chaps and Military gear. In Safety Orange and an embroidered cross, our American manufactured Trauma kit stands out as a source of first aid supplies. The kit is designed to be attached to the belt of your chainsaw chaps and stay there. The 3 inch belt channel is wide enough to accommodate all sizes of belts. Hook and Loop inside the belt channel ensures that your kit stays where you want it and is where you expect it to be when you need it.

  The inside of the kit is easily accessed by grabbing the D Ring, oversized to accommodate gloved hands, and pulling out the rapid access ribbon. The first item attached to the ribbon is the Combat Application Tourniquet, the most critical component. In times past tourniquet use was a last resort rarely employed.  Expanded use has shown that it can be 100% effective in treating major extremity hemorrhage. Forest Safety Products uses North American Rescues Combat Application Tourniquets (C-A-T), a one handed tourniquet easiest to use under stress and for those with limited experience in their use.  Standard issue across all branches of the Military the C-A-T tourniquet is your first go to component for major extremity hemorrhage. Our Chainsaw Trauma Kit accommodates the full C-A-T Tourniquet in its quick launch configuration inside the case, protecting it from the environment while allowing it to be accessed quickly and easily.

    For moderate bleeding not requiring the use of a tourniquet, another solid pull will release the entire rapid access ribbon from the Forest Safety Products Chainsaw Trauma Kit case. Attached at the end is an insert pack containing a 50g QuikClot Advanced Clotting Sponge.  Designed for consumer use, this easy to use device is made from zeolite beads in a sterile, non-adherent mesh bag. Simply apply over a wound to speed clotting and treat injuries. To secure the QuikClot sponge and to provide additional pressure and absorption, the insert also contains an H&H Mini Compression Bandage. One of the smallest and lightest weight compression bandages on the market, this is a fast, effective tool for many kinds of traumas and injuries, particularly those involving arterial bleeding in extremities. With a 4 foot proprietary elastic strap, the Mini Compression Bandage is strong enough to provide compression to wounds on any location.

    Also in the insert are a few other items that are essential in trauma care, mostly when assisting others. The first is a Laerdal CPR Face Shield. Working with a partner a common lifesaving technique used in many circumstances is the administration of CPR. The Laerdal Face Shield features a high-quality 3M filter with CPR instructions printed on it. The protective Face Shield helps overcome hesitation to start resuscitation by preventing direct contact with the victim’s mouth, nose and face. To protect you from bodily fluids we’ve included a pair of Black Talon Nitrile Gloves. High quality, not something your hand will rip through when you put them on, these gloves are made of 100% nitrile material which is free of the allergens. These gloves offer unsurpassed tactile sensitivity, including textured fingertips, beaded cuffs for quick and easy donning and a thickened palm for durability and reliability.

    Finally we’ve included a WW-3 Res-Q Whistle. Often chainsaw work takes us away from civilization with limited cell phone service. The WW-3 Res-Q Whistle, developed to locate overboard persons, is a compact survival whistle. It issues a shrill dual tone, up to 100 decibels, that is audible over great distances, crucial in helping rescuer’s determine your location if for some reason you’re unable to walk out to safety. All of these insert components are contained in a resalable zip bag along with instructions for loading your kit correctly so it is ready if ever needed.

   Forest Safety Products Chainsaw Trauma Kit is an indispensable addition to your Personal Protective Equipment setup. Contained in a lightweight low profile package, the Chainsaw Trauma Kit contains the most effective essentials borrowed from the lessons of the US Military to quickly address major bleeding.