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Mission: Forest Safety Products is committed to providing cutting edge, purpose-built Trauma and First Aid kits for those working in and around trees and forests, as well as outdoor enthusiasts. Covering everything from splinters and mild burns to traumatic bleeding, our dedicated trauma and first aid kits have been tailored to the environments and individuals in need of their use.

Vision: Forest Safety Products goal is to become the leader in providing the latest technology in first aid and personal protection products targeted to those who work and play in the woods. Much safety and first aid equipment in the logging and tree care industry has not changed in 40 years. Immediate aid procedures and products in other high risk industries have made significant advancements in that time dramatically increasing survivability of traumatic injuries. Our objective is to bring awareness of these solutions and provide a one stop shop for purchasing.

About Us:  Forest Safety Products, a veterans owned company, was started to fill a gap in the available, modern self-aid, trauma gear targeted towards one of the most dangerous occupations, Logging and Tree Care.

The solution was our exclusive chainsaw trauma kits; low-profile belt mounted and manufactured in the USA. All components are laid out for one handed operation under extreme stress. Designed to be left attached to the belt or chainsaw chaps, it allows quick access the lifesaving components, while not interfering with cutting activities. Each component is carefully chosen to be the most effective while remaining light weight and minimizing bulk.

Currently in use by US Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Border Patrol and State Forest Service's, as well as woodland firefighters, local municipalities and private logging and tree care companies


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