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Features and Benefits of Forest Safety Products Tourniquet Pouch


 There are a lot of tourniquet pouches out there, some are really good, and some are not so good. The biggest issue seems to be accessing the tourniquet itself from the pouch, whether it’s because it’s difficult to remove, hard to get a grip on, or it’s not laid out on your person for fast access if it’s not right in front. Forest Safety Products Tourniquet Pouch addresses all these issues and adds numerous mounting options. Despite its multiple advantages for Logger’s, Tree Care workers and those working in the wood, the Forest Safety Products Tourniquet Pouch can be used by anyone looking for a versatile carrier. It would be right at home on the visor of your car, your hunting or back-country pack or a laptop bag, especially with the popularity of the Stop the Bleed campaign.

  The tourniquet pouch is designed similar to our Chainsaw Trauma kits in that they’re low profile, lightweight and everything can be accessed with one grasp just by pulling on the D-ring. They’re hand made in the USA by an AbilityOne manufacturer out of 1000d Cordura. In bright orange and an embroidered cross it’s easy to identify among other equipment you may be carrying. While our pouch was designed for the Combat Application Tourniquet, it will work just as well with any other windlass type tourniquet with a running end, such as the SOFF-T.

  There are multiple mounting options. As with our Chainsaw Trauma Kits, you have a Velcro lined channel that, once you get it on, it stays put. If you need it, it’s where you expect it to be, you don’t have to be searching across your belt in a critical time to find where it’s slid to. Other options are if you want to mount it in a truck or skidder you can run zip ties or Velcro one-wrap through the channel and secure it. You can also use the one-wrap and malice clips or something similar to attach it to pals webbing, if you have a pack or gear with that set-up.

 Forest Safety Products Tourniquet Pouch

  Everything is laid out for one handed operation and fast access. What ultimately sets our Tourniquet Pouch apart from all others is the ability to access and deploy the tourniquet with only one grip.  Loading your tourniquet in the pouch is very fast and simple, requiring only one more step that you would have for loading any other pouch; you can see a video on how to do that here.

To deploy you’ll grab on to that D-ring with a firm grip and give it a pull that will free the strap along with tourniquet. All you then need to do is slide it over your injured limb, still holding on to that D-ring. The red tip of the C-A-T tourniquet, or the loose end if you’re using another brand, is right there ready for you to tighten and lock down on the windlass.

 This presents a significant saving of time and movement, critical when dealing with a self-aid situation involving a significant bleeding injury.  The D-ring also provides enough grab that you’re less likely to fumble and drop it, that’s really important if you’re 30’ up in a tree or on the ground limbing a top where dropping would take some amount of time to recover the tourniquet.

To see a short video of a demonstration of these features please check out our youtube channel. The Forest Safety Products Tourniquet Pouch and a C-A-T Tourniquet sell for $64, the Tourniquet Pouch alone goes for $32. To purchase and find more information click here.  Please contact us for available discounts on bulk orders!