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Maple Sugaring Season - Being Prepared

   Forest Safety Products Sugar House First Aid Kit

   Sugaring season is in full swing across the Northeast which means sweet smells, late nights and sugar shack open houses. While everyone enjoys guests and being able to share the fun (and hard work) of maple syrup production, there are many opportunities for accidents and injuries.

  Being prepared with a fully stocked first aid kit in your sugar house is essential. The Forest Safety Products’ Sugar House First Aid Kit is an ANSI and OSHA compliant First Aid Kit. While no regulation dictates what you need to have in your Sugar House, this kit meets the ANSI 2015 standards for a general kit for up to 25 people. Containing the basics to be able to address common minor injuries such as burns, splinters, cuts and scrapes you owe it to yourself and your guests to be prepared to quickly address issues.

   Our kit is a unitized kit, which is important for a few reasons. First, if you have it mounted on a wall in a prominent place, as you should, when you open it all the contents won’t fall out onto the floor. Secondly, in a unitized kit each component is clearly labeled and individually packaged allowing for faster, easier access. No more will you have to search through a pile of items to find just the one you need. Finally, it’s easier to identify and re-order kit components that have been used.

    The Forest Safety Products’ Sugar House First Aid Kit comes in a durable plastic case that can be wall mounted. The lid secures with an O-Ring to help keep out moisture and dust and to help protect the contents of the kit. Included is a first aid guide with detailed steps to help you treat most minor injuries. The back of the kit lists all the items contained to assist in keeping track of what you need.

  Our Sugar House First Aid Kit is available here.