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Because OSHA states:

"First Aid kits are required at each work site where trees are being cut, at each active landing, and on each employee transport vehicle. [29 CFR 1910.266(d)(2)(i)]"

OSHA also gives you a heads up on what needs to be in the kit

"The minimum required contents of a first aid kit are provided by Appendix A of the Logging Standard. [29 CFR 1910.266(d)(2)(ii)]"

Containing over 50 items, this Logger's First Kit meets OSHA requirement 1910.266 Appendix A. Suitable for small job sites with 2 or 3 workers.

These are great kit's to leave under the seat of your truck or machine, the plastic case is durable enough to stand up to moderate abuse while remaining affordable.

These will get used for minor cuts and scrapes and are great replacements or upgrades for any older or outdated kits you may have laying around.

For something to address more severe injuries, check out our Trauma Kits


Forest Safety Products Logger's First Aid Kit contains the following items:

Certi-Strips - Plastic 16
Certi-Gauze Pads 2
Certi-Gauze Roll 2
Triangular Bandage w/ 2 Pins 2
Antiseptic BZK Towlettes 10
Wire Splint 1
Certi-Tape 2
CPRrotector 1
Rescue Blanket 1
Elastic Bandage - Ace Style 2
Trauma Pad - Compress 8"x10" 2
Eye Shield / Mask 1
Forceps 1
Scissors Bandage - Red Handle 1
Gloves - Nitrile, pair 1
BioHazard Bag 1
First Aid Facts Guide 1
16PW Plastic Case

Approximate Size: 10" x 7" x 3"

Weight: 2 lbs.

A First Aid Manual is included in each kit. 

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